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Good Sam Gwinnett employs twenty-seven people ranging 20-68 years in age. Twenty-three work full-time while four work part-time. Duration of employment ranges from less than one year to more than twelve years. The Executive Director holds a PhD and has worked in the healthcare industry since 1982, and for the organization since 2011. The Medical Director is a board certified internal medicine physician with more than forty years of experience. On average, staff members have more than ten years of experience in the healthcare or dental field, and collectively, more than 263 years of experience. Eleven have a graduate degree, 22 are certified, and seven hold a license to practice in their profession.

We are a Christian ministry and expect our employees to readily share the Gospel with our patients and volunteers. If you are interested in an available position at Good Sam Gwinnett, send your resume with cover letter to the attention of Greg Lang at Do not call or appear at the clinic without an appointment.

Available Positions

None at this time.

“This place is like no other; we truly are a family to one another.”

— Laura M., NP

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