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678-280-6630 West Gwinnett clinic
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Our mission statement at Good Samaritan Health Centers of Gwinnett is “to demonstrate the love of Christ in word and deed to those in need by providing affordable, quality health and dental care services.” Because we focus on Jesus Christ as the only true Healer, we believe your physical, mental, and spiritual health are related. In fact, we believe your spiritual health is the most important aspect of your life. We are committed to providing quality healthcare, but we want you to understand that we are equally concerned about your spiritual health.

We want to introduce you to the peace, hope, and life that Jesus offers though a real relationship with Him. We will never force this on you, and neither does Jesus. If you are not interested in Christ as the solution to your spiritual health problems, then it will not affect the healthcare services that you receive from us. But if you are interested in knowing God and knowing a peace and joy that transcends our everyday problems, please tell us you want to know more about Jesus Christ. It will be our blessing to tell you about our Redeemer.

In keeping with our Christ-given charge to love one another, our services are provided to all patients regardless of  race, color, religion, gender, sexual preference, national origin, or immigration status.


Sometimes everything gets better when you discover a little hope

“I didn’t attend church for a very long time, but you have helped me reconnect with that part of my life. Thank you!”

— Lina S., patient

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