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Good Samaritan Health Centers of Gwinnett (Good Sam Gwinnett) utilizes volunteer health and dental providers, including students, to accomplish its mission. On any given day, we have dental, advanced nurse practitioner, physician assistant, and medical assistant students completing a clinical rotation at our medical centers, as well as physician assistant and medical school candidates serving with us to gain experience. If you are seeking a preceptor relationship, we are eager to have you join us as a volunteer student provider.

During a rotation at Good Sam Gwinnett you will be exposed to a very diverse patient population living in or near poverty. This population is generally not healthy due to limited access to health services, limited by lack of insurance, inability to pay, and/or immigration status. Given these limitations, we manage many complex medical conditions with few resources. We promise you a challenging but rewarding learning experience. However, you must be prepared for this challenge to complete a rotation; students unable or unwilling to provide care for patients with financial constraints are discouraged from applying.

WE DO NOT accept students who have not completed at least two clinical rotations elsewhere.

WE ARE NOT accepting students who are attending online classrooms/ distance learning programs.

YOU MUST attend a two-hour orientation about our clinic and expectations of you before you may begin a rotation.

YOU MUST have completed a Physical Assessment course to be eligible for a rotation at the Center.

Query and Résumé

If you are interested in completing a rotation with us, send a query and resume to Greg Lang, Executive Director at You must provide the following information in your query:

  1. Type of program in which you are enrolled (Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, etc.).
  2. Where you previously completed a rotation and how many hours were required.
  3. The rotation you wish to complete with us (Women’s Health, Primary Care, etc. We do not offer a pediatrics or obstetrics rotation.)
  4. Number of hours required to complete the rotation.
  5. Beginning and end dates (MM/DD) of the semester.
  6. Day(s) of the week you are NOT able to be scheduled in the clinic.
  7. Contact information for your sponsoring faculty member.
  8. You must acknowledge you may be supervised by any combination of MD, PA and NP preceptors. We endorse interprofessional collaboration and will not guarantee that you will be mentored by the same preceptor throughout your rotation.

If your query does not include all the above requested information, you will not receive a reply.

We strongly suggest you subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date about developments at Good Sam Gwinnett.

We receive far more requests than we can accommodate; therefore, please contact us early to secure a student position. We often schedule clinical rotations six months in advance.

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