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Turning The Corner Julius’ Story (1)

Turning the Corner: Julius’ Story

Earlier this year, Julius High was confronted with a critical health issue that had been escalating for some time now. Julius, a cancer survivor with type two diabetes and sleep apnea, had been without health insurance for more than a year. After losing his job as a computer contractor during the pandemic, he turned to driving for Lyft and Uber. However, when his car broke down, he lost his ability to earn money, couldn’t afford his health insurance, and lost access to his medications. As a result, Julius’ health deteriorated rapidly.   

“Without a doctor, you can’t get prescriptions,” Julius explained. “Eventually, I started having problems with my heart. I got a clogged artery and wasn’t getting enough oxygen. It became difficult to walk more than a city block.” 

He was suffering and unsure of where to turn for help. 

Julius first learned about Good Samaritan Health Centers of Gwinnett thanks to a simple Google search by his brother. 

“He went on Google and just did a search for places I could go to if I didn’t have any healthcare insurance,” Julius recalled. 

Encouraged by his brother, Julius picked up the phone and called Good Samaritan Gwinnett. That call changed everything. He told the staff member about his heart palpitations, and they urged him to go to the emergency room right away. Julius credits this advice with saving his life.   

He was admitted to Northside Hospital, where he discovered he had a clogged artery that required a stent. After his time in the hospital, Julius turned to Good Samaritan Gwinnett for ongoing medical care and support. 

Julius’ first medical appointment was with Laura Martino, the Director of Clinical Operations at Good Samaritan Gwinnett and his nurse practitioner. He fondly referred to Laura as “an angel,” impressed by her thoroughness and compassion. 

“I showed up with about 20 questions on my laptop, and she patiently answered all of them,” he recalled. 

Laura provided Julius with the necessary medications and created a plan to manage his diabetes. 

Her commitment went above and beyond. One evening, she called Julius to follow up and make sure he understood his treatment plan. 

“She wanted to make sure I fully understood the special insulin plan she put me on and recommended additional resources,” Julius said. “I’ve never received this level of care from a nurse practitioner before. I’ve had diabetes for 10 years and worked with many endocrinologists, but Laura is the first person who explained things in a way that made it all click for me.” 

This personal touch and dedication had a profound impact on Julius. Under Laura’s guidance, his diabetes management has improved significantly.  

“When I came here, my A1C was 14, which is extremely bad. But now, my blood sugar levels are under control,” he joyfully noted. 

The regular monitoring and careful management of his diabetes have helped Julius regain his health and a sense of hope.  

“I have a nurse practitioner who is better than any doctor I’ve had,” Julius shared. “I also appreciate that I now have prescriptions and completed lab work, giving me a baseline to track my improvements.” 

Julius’ health has turned a corner, and he is excited about the positive changes ahead. 

WATCH: Julius share his testimony HERE.

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