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678-280-6630 West Gwinnett clinic
770-806-0162 East Gwinnett clinic

Our Values

  • Every patient will feel loved and respected as people made in God’s image and for whom Christ died.
  • Each staff member will be motivated to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and demonstrate their love for Him in all they do.
  • Each volunteer will believe their time has been effectively and efficiently spent in their service to advance His Kingdom.
  • The healthcare delivered will be high quality, reasonable and affordable, respecting the life circumstance of those we serve.
  • Our donors will believe we are acting to the best of our ability to uphold these values and will feel our love and appreciation for their support of our efforts.

Our Goals

  • To provide quality low-cost primary healthcare services to the people we serve.
  • To meet the spiritual needs of our patients through prayer and discipleship.
  • To decrease the demand of the uninsured for non-emergent services on the local hospital emergency rooms.
  • To provide a platform for current and rising medical professionals of the Christian community to serve the poor and uninsured.
  • To be trusted and faithful stewards of the resources made available to us by donors.

Our Methods

  • We pray every day before we begin our work, asking God to guide our efforts and bless our patients, volunteers, and staff.
  • We utilize volunteer medical providers in order to keep our costs low, making it possible to charge our patients significantly discounted fees for our services.
  • We accept nursing, pharmacy and other student healthcare professionals as interns, making it possible to train rising medical providers in a compassionate Christian setting, helping to grow within them a heart for medical ministry work.
  • We enter into partnerships in the medical community to maximize convenient and affordable access to other necessary services for our patients.
  • We partner with churches to provide a venue for deploying their members into sacrificial service for the Kingdom.
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