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Erin Koch BSN, RN

2024 National Nurses Week Spotlight: Erin Koch BSN, RN

In celebration of National Nurses Week 2024, which runs from May 6 through May 12, we are spotlighting the vital role of nurses in enhancing community health. This year, we are proud to showcase Erin Koch, a dedicated registered nurse at Good Samaritan Health Centers of Gwinnett. Transitioning from roles as a pharmacy and x-ray technician, Erin’s drive for a more direct impact in patient care led her to nursing. Erin has been a key figure in clinic operational improvements and patient care advancements, including her instrumental role in setting up the Screening and Prevention Annex at the West clinic location in October 2021. Learn more about Erin’s impactful nursing career with Good Samaritan Gwinnett and her passion for healthcare.  

What inspired you to become a nurse? 

Erin Koch: “I had worked as a pharmacy technician and then an x-ray technician, so I was drawn to the helping professions. I knew I wanted to invest in comprehensive care for patient outcomes.” 

When did you start working at Good Samaritan Gwinnett, and what initially drew you to work at Good Samaritan Gwinnett? 

Erin Koch: “I knew I did not want to go back into bedside nursing after being out for so long. A friend of mine told me about Good Samaritan Gwinnett in 2017 and I started as a volunteer. I enjoyed the office culture and patient demographics. I saw how Good Sam Gwinnett demonstrated God’s love in the community. Now, nearly seven years later, I am still here, deeply fulfilled by my career.” 

Can you share a particularly memorable moment from your nursing career at Good Samaritan Gwinnett? 

Erin Koch: “Most days are memorable working at Good Sam Gwinnett, since it is never the same day twice.” 

Good Samaritan Gwinnett opened the Screening and Prevention Annex (SPA) at its West location in 2021 and you oversaw creating the policies and procedures for the SPA. Can you share how the SPA continues to serve patients three years later? 

Erin Koch: “During Covid, we were screening, testing, and conducting exams outside in tents, …………in the heat………in the cold…………in the Atlanta weather. We had two sets of staff to accommodate indoor and outdoor activities. We were so blessed to have received funding to enclose these activities in our new modern, climate-controlled SPA and return operations to normal. We continue to see potentially contagious conditions daily, but are now able to accommodate patients and streamline the process indoors.” 

Numerous families are expected to come to Good Samaritan Gwinnett for their children’s vaccinations this summer before the back-to-school season begins. What does a typical day look like for you during this busy time? 

Erin Koch: “We will restock our shelves with the most common vaccines needed beginning in July. We nearly doubled our vaccination rate in 2023, so we are well prepared for the pace of the back-to-school rush.” 

How does Good Samaritan Gwinnett educate and reassure families about the importance and safety of vaccinations throughout the year, especially in a climate where vaccine hesitancy can be prevalent? 

Erin Koch: “We inform the family of the age-appropriate vaccines needed. We distribute vaccine information statements supplied by the CDC and take the time to answer any questions. Our patients have witnessed vaccine preventable diseases that we don’t commonly see here in the US, so we do not see the vaccine hesitancy experienced elsewhere. They are very appreciative of our low-cost vaccines and school screenings.” 

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in nursing?   

Erin Koch: “I would advise them to reflect on what made them choose a helping profession and what qualities they possess that would make them a good candidate for nursing. Having self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses will also indicate areas to work on. Shadowing a nurse to experience “a day in the life of” is a way to encourage, or rule out a particular area of interest.” 

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