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A Curvy Road During Autumn Through The Mountains

Curves Ahead

If you read our newsletter last month, you might remember I was feeling rather optimistic at the time. I reported fewer people were arriving to our clinics with COVID-like symptoms, fewer COVID tests were resulting positive, and our days almost felt normal again. I wrote, “We can see the light that shines ahead, and we are moving toward it.”

The light that shined ahead was our collectively increasing optimism that the COVID crisis was nearing its end. Breathing a sigh of relief, we were beginning to look forward and think about where and how we might continue to increase access to healthcare for the poor and uninsured elsewhere in the metro area. The light that shined ahead was also a reference to our faith in God. We do what we do to honor Him, and believe we are experiencing His favor on a daily basis.

That newsletter was written just more than six-weeks ago. Little did I know then we would soon be told to wear masks nearly all the time again, and the phrase “vaccine mandate” would enter our national dialogue. But that’s exactly where we are, and each day brings more unwelcome news as the Delta variant continues to spread at alarming speed.

It’s as if we suddenly came upon a curve in the road and had no idea until we were barreling into it that it was a hairpin turn. But we have stayed the course in spite of the disappointing change of conditions. We have served face-to-face more than 19,500 people so far in 2021 and will likely exceed 33,000 visits to our clinics by the end of the year.

We don’t know far the Delta variant will reach, how many more COVID tests and vaccines will be administered, how many more of the so-called long haulers will turn to us for help, and worse, if another dangerous variant is in our future. Yes, today we are a little less optimistic, but no less determined to care for our community. We earnestly pursue the fulfilment of our vision, to live in a world without needless pain and suffering, and we still believe that God is in control and watching over those who love Him.

Take a look at the image in this post. The road is curvy, and you cannot see what is just around the bend. You also cannot overlook the radiant sunshine in the distance. In that simple image, I see His glory. If you too feel a little less optimistic today than you did six-weeks ago, six-months ago, or longer, take heart. There is a reason to hope for a better tomorrow, for God never fails.

If we can pray for you about anything, please let us know.

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