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Have you ever thought your experiences in life, whether good or bad, prepare you for a time that lies ahead?  We believe in the omniscient God who knew about the COVID-19 Pandemic more than fifteen years ago. He moved a small group of people to establish and grow the Good Samaritan Health Centers of Gwinnett to be a rock in our community during the challenging times we experience today. He did this so that the poor and uninsured, including those who have recently lost their coverage, could find affordable medical and dental care provided by his believers.

We claim that it is by God’s grace that we have been able to keep our doors open to serve our community in the same hands-on-manner we are known for.  To be sure, we have followed all the appropriate guidelines and adopted new ways of conducting our business, but not at the consequence of being unavailable to our patients. In recent weeks, patients began returning to the clinic in large numbers, and some mornings nearly a dozen people are waiting for us to open the doors. We have stood firm in our service to the community for a reason.

Gwinnett’s unemployment rate has reached 15% and many households have lost employer sponsored health insurance.  This now vulnerable population has limited options for medical or dental care without having to pay unaffordable fees.  Today, we are seeing an increase in new patient enrollment and expect to become the charitable medical home for many more in our community, just as we have through every economic slump during the past fifteen years.

While we know that times are challenging for everyone, including you, we ask you to keep us in mind. Remember that our appointment fees cover just more than half of the actual cost of rendering the service. We need your financial support to serve the increasing number of people who turn to us for their healthcare needs. We all need a healthy workforce available to lift our community out of our current economic situation in the months ahead.

We still plan to celebrate our 15th Anniversary but not in the traditional and elegant way that was fitting for such a milestone.  That too, had to change.  Like so many nonprofits, we will celebrate in a virtual way.  In early October, we will premiere a video of Good Samaritan Health Centers of Gwinnett’s history and accomplishments.  We are also taking your nomination for the Second Annual Good Neighbor Award.  We are certain that in times like these, you have seen neighbors stepping up in extraordinary ways to serve those in need.  We’ll announce more as we approach October, including how you can join us for the virtual gala. Until then, please submit your nomination here.

As always, we are grateful for your prayers and support. We could not fulfill what God has called us to do if you were not here for us.

Heni Jordan, Director of Development

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