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Open and Affordable

Earl Rogers, President of the Georgia Hospital Association, recently wrote “A couple of weeks ago, it was announced another rural Georgia hospital will close. This will be the seventh Georgia hospital since 2013 to close its doors. As critical as they are to all of our lives, hospitals in our state are under duress. In 2015, Georgia hospitals provided more than $1.74 billion in uncompensated care causing more than four out of 10 hospitals in the state to lose money that year. Many are fighting desperately to stave off closure. Some may lose that battle.”

The Good Samaritan Health Center of Gwinnett serves a vital role in the lives of many – we offer low-cost and high-quality health care, dental care, counseling, and more, to the poor and uninsured. Moreover, we absorb the demand for these service other communities cannot meet, whether because of hospital closure or limited access to physicians. To absorb that demand within the 28 county metro area, we have to be staffed, open, and affordable. With the help of you, our loyal donors, we succeed in making sure when anyone comes to our door.

In addition to being staffed, open, and affordable, we’re doing even more. We believe the healthcare provider shortage cannot be resolved by physicians alone. Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants are vital participants in the healthcare delivery system, and we provide clinical training to as many graduate students of these professions as we possibly can.

Each year nearly one-hundred students spend time at Good Sam Gwinnett learning how to provide as much as possible to people with limited means. In years to come, we know many currently underserved communities will be blessed by the influx of Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistant who while with us, were taken by the heart with concern for the poor and underserved.

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