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Lives are Being Changed Because of You

We’ve all heard someone, perhaps even ourselves, say, “That is outside of my comfort zone.” This phrase describes where calm ends and anxiety begins, where confidence runs dry, and fear sets in. Here at Good Samaritan Health Centers of Gwinnett, we’ve all had to tweak our comfort zones to adjust our practice of medicine and dentistry to circumstances that are a little more challenging and a little less comfortable than what we might have liked. 

We’ve learned how to be comfortable stretching the boundaries of primary care. Here, we provide healthcare to people with brittle diabetes, advanced cardiovascular diseases, gynecological and neurological problems, cancers, and more – people like Marcus, Ms. B., and Raymond. 


Marcus came to Good Sam Gwinnett for a routine sports physical. He had no idea he would leave newly diagnosed with hypertension. That part of his story alone is unremarkable; many people have no idea they have hypertension and only discover it by accident. What is remarkable, though, is that Marcus is only 14 years old. 

Female doctor checking teen boy's blood pressure in clinic

Stock Image: Not a real photo of the patient.

Ms. B

Ms. B. suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure, and back pain due to a herniated disk. Uninsured and trying to get by on limited income, she had been referred to Good Sam Gwinnett for help. She would eventually need treatment for chronic bronchitis, diabetic neuropathy, diverticulitis, and a mild stroke. She struggles to support herself on a disability income of only $1,400 a month. For more than eight years, we have provided her with access to lifesaving care that otherwise would have been out of her financial reach. 

Group of young doctor during home visit senior people

Stock Image: Not a real photo of the patient.


Raymond, 16, broke his tooth during horseplay, and his parents, without dental insurance, could not afford to repair it. When we met him, he spoke with his hand covering his mouth. We were able to repair his tooth and, more importantly, restore his smile, saving him years of embarrassment. 

Portrait of teen boy showing his smile. Child pointing with fingers teeth and mouth. Caucasian young teenager on grey background.

Stock image: Not a real photo of the patient.

Good Sam Gwinnett is a safety-net clinic; it exists to serve those who have few or no other options. The poor and uninsured cannot afford for us to make decisions based on our preference to avoid risk and stay within our clinical comfort zone. We must attend to them, doing the best and most we can, within their limited means. Because of people like you, Good Sam Gwinnett can keep patient fees affordable, marked down 75% and more compared to traditional retail prices.  

Without your generosity, these services could not be offered at such incredible discounts without your support, and fewer people would be helped. Thank you for delivering high-quality and dignifying care to those who could not live without it. 

Jesus said and proved that there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. Few of us will be faced with giving our life to save another, but all of us can come closer to that ultimate sacrifice by laying down our comforts and indulgences to help the poor. Thank you for partnering with us to provide hope to those who most need medical, dental, and emotional support in North metro Atlanta. 

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