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Dared to Dream

Several years ago, this organization began to dream of a new home. We dreamed of a home large enough to accommodate all the patients who we believed would come to us for care. We dreamed of a home large enough to permit expansion our services to fill the gaps we witnessed in charitable healthcare in our community. We dreamed of a home large enough to accommodate the students who wanted us to help train them to care for the poor and underserved.

A few people told us we were dreaming too big; that our vision was too grand. In those moments we remembered a verse that promises what God starts, he finishes. Where God guides, he provides. And where God leads, he meets our needs. (Philippians 1:6)

God Opens Doors

In only three weeks, we will open to the community the doors of our new home. Behind those doors is three times more floor space than what we have today. Behind those doors is a six chair dental clinic waiting to serve the uninsured. Behind those doors are more medical exam rooms, counseling rooms, volunteer facilities, and new equipment. There we are equipped to serve more of the poor and uninsured and train more rising healthcare professionals eager to help break the access barrier.

God Provides

God indeed finishes what he starts, and soon he will finish our long journey to our new home. And we have no doubt that when that journey ends, God will start something else in this ministry. He will use us to grow his kingdom, and in doing so he will work us harder than ever before. We are confident of this because we already have 184 people on a waiting list to receive charitable dental care, and our student calendar is booked with four graduate students a day through May 2017.

And we are not afraid, because we are also confident that where God guides, he provides. He will provide for this ministry just as he has until this time. Thanks to God, and thanks to you, his faithful, we go into our new home debt free. We dared to dream a dream so big it was doomed for failure lest God be in it. God is in it, AMEN. Come and see.

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