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678-280-6630 West Gwinnett clinic
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We began the year estimating we would deliver 24,000 encounters during 2017, those encounters having an estimated value of $6,500,000. A few days ago, we ended our first quarter delivering 6,417 encounters; we are confident we will meet or exceed our projections this year.

We are greatly encouraged by our growth; it is wonderful to work in a ministry that so effectively addresses some of the most important needs of the community. We are also immensely grateful to our donors who have not only made it possible for us to have a beautiful new facility, but also to have the capacity for absorbing a 40% increase in demand for services.

Your contributions are hard at work in Gwinnett County, and we want you to witness firsthand what you have helped to bring about. Please stop by to see the new clinic; no appointment necessary. We host a Third Thursday Happy Hour from 6 pm-7 pm and all visitors are welcome. Please drop in for coffee and cookies and take a tour of the facility. If you stop by not only will you see the work we do, you will meet some of the young healthcare professionals you have helped us prepare for the future. We look forward to having you witness us in action as we mentor students and serve the poor until 8 pm. Ask for Greg or Nathaly when you arrive.

April is National Volunteer Month, a month dedicated to honoring all the volunteers in our communities as well as encouraging volunteerism throughout the year. According to the IRS, 85% of registered charities in the United States staff entirely with volunteers. We certainly have our fair share of volunteers. Each year we log more than 15,000 hours of volunteer hours, saving the organization nearly a half-million in professional labor costs. Here’s what a few volunteers have to say about their Good Sam Gwinnett experience:

Darrell Nesbit, Volunteer Medical Provider: “I have been volunteering for Good Sam Gwinnett four years now. In that time, it has become clear we are constantly generating sustainable and affordable solutions for the healthcare needs of our underserved communities. I enjoy the opportunity to work with a great team of dedicated employees and other volunteers.”

Ana Ramírez, Volunteer Medical Interpreter: “I value the opportunity to express genuine care for our patients through prayer. I also enjoy the dynamic of teamwork between students, volunteers, and providers that the Center has developed; it creates a true environment for growth and mentoring.”

Hannah Harrell, Mercer PA Student: “Good Sam has been the highlight of my clinical experience. From the patients to the staff I have found myself surrounded by the most selfless and wonderful people. I will never forget my time here!”

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