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More Staff. More Space. More Capacity.

To support the growing need for our charity medical and dental services we have launched our 2020 Capital Campaign to relocate our East clinic to a bigger and more accessible facility. We have raised a third of the required funds so far and hope you will consider partnering with us by donating today. To all our generous sponsors – thank you!


Our 2020 Campaign Goal: $3,200,000

Funds Raised $2,601,200

Why Move?

The primary focus of our $3,200,000 campaign goal is to relocate our Good Samaritan Health Center of East Gwinnett clinic, so we can serve more people in need. With a larger, more accessible facility we believe the combined impact our two clinics could exceed 55,000 annual patient visits. That’s 22,118 more than we provided in 2018.


Key Indicators

  • The expected explosive growth of Gwinnett County during the next decade. According to the Atlanta Regional Commission, Gwinnett’s population will reach 1.4 million people by 2040, and nearly 14% will be poor estimates. Assuming the 2040 forecasts materialize, Gwinnett County will see an increase of more than 50,000 poor residents in need of services.
  • Our own double-digit growth in the past two years. In 2018 we had 32,882 patient visits completed – a 27% increase compared to 2017 and an 85% increase compared to 2016
  • Knowing the need for charity dental care is greater than our current capacity.
    Even though we employ two dentists, operate ten dental chairs, and serve more than 550 dental patients each month, our waiting list continues to grow. Often ten weeks will elapse between asking for an appointment and being able to place that patient in a chair.

Relocating the East Clinic Will Provide


Expansion Of Our Charity Dental Practice

Even with ten dental chairs dedicated to providing low cost dental care to the poor and uninsured, we cannot keep up with demand for our dental services. We hope to increase our dental capacity to fourteen chairs at the successful conclusion of the 2020 Capital Campaign.

The Ability to Stock More Low-Cost Medications

Many of our patients have chronic diseases that require regular medication. The relocation of the east clinic will increased the capacity of our physician dispensary to stock low-cost medications for the chronic diseases we manage.


New Programs Such As Physical Therapy And Vision Care

Currently, Good Sam of Gwinnett does not have the staff or space to offer these services which would greatly improve the quality of life for our patients.

Better Accommodation For Our In-house Collaborating Partner Agencies

The limited public transportation system of Gwinnett County makes it necessary to provide as many social services in one place that our patients can utilize. From applying for food stamps, securing emergency housing, offering baby supplies, to providing financial counseling, agency partners visit our clinics to serve our patients.


Broader Benefits to the Community

  • less medical debt
  • healthy workforce
  • healthy children
  • less cost shifting to the insured

2020 Campaign Funds Breakdown

  • Acquisition $1,500,000
  • Architecture $60,000
  • Renovation $1,800,000
  • Equipment $240,000
  • Furnishings $70,000
  • IT $40,000

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