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To demonstrate the love of Christ through providing affordable primary healthcare and dental services to the poor and uninsured.

"He went to him and bandaged his wounds...Go and do likewise."

Luke 10:34-37

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Around 7:30 Thursday evening two weeks ago a healthcare professional walked into my office and asked, “Why would someone schedule an annual physical this late at night?” I couldn’t help but smile; that question was clear proof to me our evening clinic was fulfilling its objectives on its first night of existence.

We started the evening clinic to serve those unable to seek medical care during normal business hours. Most of those we serve are low wage earners with few, if any, benefits. To take time away from work usually means to do so without pay. We’ve heard many say they are told not to go to work at all if they can’t work the full day. That patient scheduled his physical at such a late hour because it was a time that was convenient to him. Objective #1 – Accomplished.

Additionally, we believe Good Samaritan Gwinnett has a role in bringing the needs and circumstances of the poor to the awareness and understanding of healthcare professionals who don’t typically work with uninsured patients. The professional who asked me the question mentioned above left my office encouraged and enlightened because he had provided a valuable service to someone who, if not for his willingness to volunteer that night, might have gone without medical attention. Objective #2 – Accomplished.

I share with you this one story of what we are accomplishing in God’s name in our little health center. There are many more stories to tell – the growth in demand for our Wednesday Pediatric Clinic, growth in demand for Christian counseling services, growth in demand from students seeking learning experiences, growth in requests to form strategic partnerships – growth, growth, growth!

With all this growth, we can’t comfortably fit in this little health center for much longer. But I get ahead of myself; more on that at another time.

We have one month remaining to raise matching dollars for the North Point Ministries gift of $30,000. Thanks to all who have responded to our request for support. If you have not yet given to this campaign, please do so before July 1 so that we might meet or exceed the $30,000 challenge set before us. We are now just more than $4000 short of our goal.

We are pleased to have been selected by VeinInnovations as the recipient of a corporate gift.  VeinInnovations is making a donation to Good Samaritan Gwinnett for each person who undergoes a free cosmetic ultrasound screening during an open house event at their new location in Johns Creek. Click here for details: Got legs?. Keep great legs for life; get ’em checked out and help Good Samaritan in the process.

A final note: we have provided 3425 appointments so far this year; that’s why all this talk about needing donations and more space is so necessary. I pray you will pause to consider how you can help us help others, how you can give to help our ministry in the task of serving the poor of our community.

May you be blessed in abundance so that you might bless with abandon!

Gregory E. Lang